Special Customer Amendments Policy


Last Updated: Tuesday 24th  March 2020


As a business we are continuing to monitor the situation regarding coronavirus. As the advice and direction from the Government changes we will continue to monitor and update this policy as necessary.

Whilst the Government advice around the situation is being frequently updated, our current position regarding transferring and amending bookings is set out below.


This Policy relates to holidays that commence on or before the 4th June 2020:


If a customer has given more than 48 hours’ notice they may change the date of their booking.

If the new holiday cost is higher than the original booking cost, any increase will be charged.

This policy is applicable for all bookings, regardless of when they are made.

If a customer subsequently wishes to cancel their transferred booking then our standard booking terms and conditions apply.

No administration fee will be charged for amending your booking in accordance with this amendments policy.

You can request to change the dates of your holiday by emailing bookings@millfarmleisure.co.uk

For any customer who wishes to cancel their booking which is due to commence on or before 4th June 2020, our standard cancellation terms and conditions will apply.


Holidays commencing after 4th June 2020:


As we hope you will appreciate at this time, we are busy prioritising guests with more immediate holidays. If your holiday is due to start after 4th June 2020 the good news is there is still plenty of time for you to see how the circumstances change.


If your holiday is after the 4th June 2020 please note:


Our Special Customer Amendments Policy is under constant review and may change and/or be extended in line with the Government’s advice.

Please understand we are experiencing an unprecedented number of enquiries at this time and we are working extremely hard to accommodate all of those with holidays in the near term.

We therefore kindly ask that due to you having more time to consider your options you delay sending us a cancellation request until closer to your holiday start date. If you still wish to cancel your holiday rather than wait and see, please email bookings@millfarmlesiure.co.uk — Our standard terms & conditions apply.